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Branch name: Jill Glencross Independent Funeral Directors Ltd

Branch address: 16 The Square, Dalston, Carlisle, CA5 7PY.

Name(s) of ultimate owner(s): Jill Glencross and Russell Hind


Do you have any business or material interest in a price comparison website which compares funeral director/crematoria services and their respective prices?



Have you made any material charitable donation, gratuity or payment to a third party within the last 12 months which totals £250 or more and which does not relate to a cost incurred or a service provided?




If yes, please provide the details below. This does not include:

  1. donations or membership fees to independent organisations who may then go on to distribute such funds at their discretion, provided that you do not have any role in influencing distribution decisions;

  2. payments made to organisations not connected to the funerals sector;

  3. charitable donations made by employees in a personal capacity;

  4. charitable donations collected and/or processed by you and made on behalf of customers; and

  5. donations in kind (e.g. volunteering activities).


Name of recipient: Hospice at Home.


Date of payment: Monthly.


Payment amount: £100.00 (£1,200 annually).




September 2021.

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