Planning ahead:








Golden Charter is a trusted name when it comes to funeral planning and is affiliated with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).


A little thought now can give you and your loved one's peace of mind for the future both in terms of your wishes being recorded and the financial burden lifted from your family at the time the plan is at need.


All of our plans guarantee to provide the funeral director’s services specified at no extra cost to you or loved ones, no matter how much these costs rise in the future. Your plan also includes an allowance towards third-party costs (cremation/cemetery fee, doctor’s fee and minister’s or officiant’s fee). The allowance increases annually, plan values, including the allowance for disbursements, are currently increased on a monthly basis in line with the long-term growth of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).


Please note: Wherever you purchased your Golden Charter funeral plan you can transfer this to any Independent Funeral Directors of your choice.

We can also accept funeral plans from other funeral plan providers.

If you choose one of our plans for burial, the plan does not include the purchase of a grave plot.





How are my payments protected?


We understand that you need reassurance that your money is in safe hands.





In keeping with Funeral Planning Authority rules, rest assured that all the payments made towards your plan are placed into a secure Trust fund. To ensure they are protected, the funds in the Trust are held separately to the company and carefully managed by independent trustees. Each year a valuation of the Trust is carried out to ensure that the fund has the assets needed to meet future payments to funeral directors.


Contact Jill for further guidance, day or night on (01228) 317373 or by using the 'Contact Us' page on this website.

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