Branch name: Jill Glencross Independent Funeral Directors Ltd

Branch address: 16 The Square, Dalston, Carlisle, CA5 7PY.

Please enter the deposit amount required for:

Attended Cremation: No deposit required.

Unattended Cremation: No deposit required.

Attended Burial: No deposit required.

Unattended Burial: No deposit required.


Please enter the time by which the deposit and final balance must be paid
(for example, within a specific number of days of the funeral taking place):


Deposit paid by: No deposit taken.


Final balance due: 28 days from invoice date.


Please enter any payment options, including any interest charged, which you offer customers in relation to the payment of any deposit and final balance:


Deposit: We do not take a deposit unless the client wishes to.


Final balance: To be paid within 28 days of the invoice.


Interest: Interest is discretionary depending on individual circumstances.  We always strive to help families as much as possible.



Please enter any charges that you will make for late payment of sums due:


Deposit: We do not take a deposit.


Final balance: To be paid within 28 days of invoice.  Late payments may be sent to a debt collecting agency.